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26th October 2020

October marks Blink’s 10th year of trading! For a whole decade, Blink Intermediary Solutions has been connecting UK insurance brokers to a wide range of innovative and quality insurance products and facilities, many of which are exclusive to us. To mark our 10-year anniversary, this month’s Blink Insider feature catches up with the Blink team, asking each member to share their most memorable Blink moments, working from home tips, insights about the industry’s future, and much more…

Carol Ranger – what’s your best Blink moment in the last 10 years?

My best Blink moment has to be in June 2014 when we invited the whole Blink team and their partners to London for the weekend.

It was to celebrate that Blink was finally in the “black” after the first four trading years of being in the “red”. Recognising the sacrifices and hard work of all of the team and also a time to thank those who had supported us from the start.

Richard Harrison – what’s your best Blink moment in the last 10 years?

A “Do” at Anfield!!

Sally Conrad [Finance] - what do you love about the team at Blink IS?

I love the fact the team at Blink is like a family unit – we all have our different characteristics and personalities, but we have a common goal which is to help Blink succeed and be the best it can (…. oh and to finish higher than Richard in our Premiership Predict game !!)

Nicky Goodyear [Sales Support] – what are your top tips for working from home?

When we went into lockdown, I’d have said … maintain as much of your work-life routine as possible - dress for the office, take a walk at the start and finish of each working day and stay connected with your colleagues.

Now I’d simply say, “move away from the biscuits!”  

Zoe Williams - what does the future hold for Blink?

Endless possibilities, with the personality, energy, commitment and motivation at the very heart of the team, we will continue to push forward; nurturing and developing both new and existing products and facilities, to help UK brokers thrive.

Steve Horner - what does the future hold for Blink?

The future is helping brokers to find homes for their business and working closely with our fantastic provider partners. At Blink we are definitely open for business across the whole of the UK.

Dean Mardy – what is the perfect welcome when visiting a broker in their office?

“Don’t get comfy Dean, we’re off to the pub for some lunch!” Right now I would be happy with someone just being in the office to greet me.

Bill Broom – what’s your funniest moment whilst out on the road?

In my very early days as a BDM I was given the Scotland area to develop. I was trying to open doors to a lot of new brokers, one being Equestrian World Insurance Services Limited. I introduced myself to the proprietor whose name escapes me, but a really nice engaging gentleman.

After a little introduction, and wanting to  get a feel for the business, I asked “what areas of business do you specialise in.”

“I think the clue is in the name Bill” came back his reply. Lesson learned!

Stuart Godward – what’s a typical day in the life of a Business Development Manager?

Back in February I’d have answered that I meet brokers at their offices or in the City. Now, I am still talking to brokers, introducing them to new products and discussing how to get the best from their existing products as well as arranging for conversations between the broker and providers.

The difference is that I’m using Zoom and MS Teams (neither of which I’d ever heard of before April) and the good old-fashioned telephone. Daily commute is from my spare room to my front room and a lot of time at my fridge! So I can’t wait to get back out and see brokers face-to-face and to be stuck in traffic …

Antony Nash – what’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you at Blink?

I had a breakfast meeting with one of my brokers, I walked into the office and spoke to the staff as I waited for the director to get ready.

She came through the door and instead of a handshake she came at me with a half cuddle and a cheek-to-cheek kiss thing ... it was like slow motion and I completely misread the situation, got flustered and went in with a handshake/full-on hug. Nor did I move my head so ended up kissing her on the smacker in front of all the stunned staff!

She loved it of course and everyone laughed about it … I have to set the boundaries every time I go back in.

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