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Matthew Scott

25th September 2019

This month we caught up with Mathew Scott, Head of Strategic Accounts at Blink Accident Management (Kindertons).

In a short sentence, tell us what you do in your current role? 

I manage all the field sales staff at Kindertons, combining our time between account management and growth of current accounts with new business relationships. Reporting directly into our Group Sales Director, Christian Lindley.

Did you choose the insurance profession or did it choose you? 

Great question! I feel you have to ‘choose the profession’ then you have more passion and enthusiasm for it, gets you out of bed each morning.

What is something that people are obsessed with but you just don’t get? 

Olives, when I lived in London I tried really hard to like them, but they are just like evil grapes.

What is your biggest frustration with modern technology? 

The most frustrating thing is sometimes people are less inclined to pick up the phone and speak to people! As in texting, emails etc… has replaced a good old-fashioned conversation.

What do you do when you’re not working? 

I love the family life at the moment but given a free long weekend I would be skiing in France or playing golf with friends (followed by a few beers).

What was the last book you read or movie/box set you saw?

‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight, it’s a memoir from the creator of Nike. Great read and really interesting. 

Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide what music to listen to? 

Anything 90s Manchester, Joy Division, New Order, Smiths…

Past or present, which five guests would you invite to your dream dinner party? 

Hardest question I have been asked in a long while! But I would say:

  • Frank Sinatra for the music
  • Rick Stein for the food
  • Steven Fry for the stories
  • Oz Clarke for the wine
  • Steve Coogan for the laughs   

What is on your bucket list? 

I have been lucky enough to do a lot in my 35 years, so it is now all about the holidays. Las Vegas, Maldives, Florida, Jamaica, Amalfi Coast…

Finally, why should brokers consider using Blink Accident Management (Kindertons)? 

We deliver an end-to-end claims service which receives market-leading NPS* scores provided by our customers. Our portfolio of comprehensive insurance products are fully equipped to cover policyholders ‘post-reforms’. Our diverse fleet of over 4,000 vehicles are delivered from our strategically placed vehicle depots nationwide.

We are sizeable enough for continuous growth and have never taken service standards or clients for granted, as well as having a very strong commercial offering for our broker partners.

In terms of added value, we provide full support in terms of marketing material, technological integrations including functionally-rich applications and every broker partner is given a heavily experienced account management team.

If you would like to learn more about Blink Accident Management please ask your Blink IS Business Development Manager for more details or click here. 

Blink Accident Management is provided by Kindertons Limited.

*NPS - Net Promoter Score is a management tool used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction surveys.

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