Broker Spotlight
Andy Shore

24th September 2020

This month, we turn the spotlight on Andy Shore at Brooksure Commercial Limited, an independent insurance broker with over 20 years’ experience, based in the West Midlands.

1. What core business lines does your brokerage cover? Commercial Property both Standard and Non-Standard, Construction and Trades Industry including PII risks. 

2. How have you found business in these unprecedented times? At first with lockdown the main priority was supporting my clients and endless advice on COVID-19 against business interruption. Since the beginning of June business has been busy with new enquiries.

3. What is your current setup, are you and your staff in the office, remote working or a combination of both? I have been in the office all the way through with my staff working from home, but we are all back in now and business as usual.

4. What positives- or new ways of working - have you taken from the pandemic period? Nothing for me has changed, apart from Zoom meetings are giving time back to work. In some ways I am finding clients are easier to get hold of and respond. Clients want to understand the covers we provide more clearly, which for me is a positive step.

5. What is your current business focus?We are now focusing on our existing clients and new business clients. Helping them with their changes and tailoring their policies to suit.

6. Which Blink products or services havebeen/are most beneficial to your business? Aptus Brokers (awesome team ), R&Q (equally awesome), ABACUS (nothing is ever a problem) and Integra (building our relationship).

7. If there’s one thing we’d like from Blink it’s … more of what you do best – relationships with the markets – and Steve Horner socials!

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