Broker Spotlight
Colin Merenda

26th March 2020

This month we caught up with Colin Merenda, Director of Merenda & Co an established, Essex based brokerage which was founded in March 1966

What core business lines does your brokerage cover? 

We have a very wide spread book of business from the single tradesman to some quite complex commercial risks. We have never pursued Schemes business just a generic book of business built up locally over 50 years. Construction Companies, Shops, Offices, Factories. We maintain a good Personal lines book of business too.

How are you currently trading amid the Covid-19 pandemic? 

So far so good!  All now working from home. There have been some teething problems and adjustments made but quietly quite pleased with how it has gone. There is a significant challenge ahead for us to help as many of our clients as possible through these next few months.  

Were you set up for your team to home work, or has this been a new challenge over the last few days?

Yes it was always part of our DRP

What are your top tips on home working? 

Get dressed in case there is a Zoom Meeting at short notice

If you have to self-isolate, what will be your biggest challenge?

It was to make sure the work carried on as near normally as possible but now we all are, it seems to be going quite well. I wonder what changes we will see come from these dramatic dark days!

What are you missing most, the gym or the pub? 

Tennis, Pub, Pub, Tennis. I certainly won’t miss cancelling our planned trips.

What's your favourite food item and can you still find it in the local shops? 

I guess my favourite food item would be a Steak and yes, much easier to get than Toilet Rolls. I was worried that the Toilet Rolls problem would close us before the Government did.

Which Blink products or services have been most beneficial to your business? 

ABACUS have been terrific, definitely the “Go to place” for let properties. And the R&Q boys are always there to find me the answer I need.

If there’s one thing we’d like more of from Blink it’s... 

A “God-Squad” meet up.


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