Broker Spotlight
David Penk

26th October 2020

Being our 10th birthday this month, it seemed fitting to ask the first ever Blink broker registered on our system, David Penk of Penk Insurance, to take to the hot seat. Penk Insurance was established in 1989. Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Penk Insurance specialises in taxi insurance.

In this extra special Broker Spotlight, David Penk offers insight into operating as a broker during these strange times.

How have you found business in these unprecedented times?

In the early stages very challenging with a hit on revenue for 2-3 months. Now however we are well accustomed to the ‘new normal’ and revenue has been up each month since.

What is your current working setup? Are you and your team in the office, remote working or a combination of both?

The team are, in the main, back in the office which is working well. One employee has moved to Cumbria but is still working for us remotely. As for me, I’m working from my bed (face down recovery position after an eye op!). Flexibility in strange times.

What positives - or new ways of working - have you taken from the pandemic period?

Benefiting from the flexibility of home working, reducing overheads and reviewing systems of working resulting in a better P&L.

Which Blink products or services have been|are most beneficial to your business?

As a specialist taxi broker, the T-Link facility and for our landlord clients the flexibility of ABACUS.

If there’s one thing you would like from Blink it’s …

A new taxi facility - one to complement the existing T-Link facility.

What is the most memorable moment you have had with Blink in the last 10 years?

The embarrassment of dismounting on a cattle grid on a Blink cycle event, removing half my shin skin, and the end of day footy! I think it was Rutland Water?

What key advice would you give to Blink to see them continue to flourish in the next 10 years?

Look after yourselves, keep taking the anti-aging tablets and stay focused and in tune with your brokers’ needs.

Where do you think the industry will be in 10 years’ time?

I sincerely hope that we won't all be sat/laid at home with our brains wired up to the 'intergalactic airways' and being fed through a nutritional tube!

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