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A brief guide to geo-targeting

27th February 2020

A brief guide to geo-targeting and the key things you need to know

Why geo-target your PPC campaigns?

Targeting the entire world with pay-per-click (PPC) ads might seem tempting, but depending on what business you run and who your audience is, targeting specific geographical areas can significantly improve the efficiency of a PPC advertising campaign.

Geo-targeting, also referred to as local PPC, is a paid advertising campaign designed to reach an audience within a defined area. By creating a highly targeted and customised PPC campaign, businesses can reach prospective customers within a specific location, thus proving more beneficial than delivering messages in a more arbitrary manner without geographical constraints.

Check out the statistics!

When it comes to the effectiveness of geo-targeted PPC, the stats speak for themselves. We’ve all been there… wanting to find a quality restaurant in an unknown city, so we pick up our smartphone and ask Google for some ‘advice.’

In fact, statistics show that 82% of smartphone users actively search for businesses near them. Furthermore, almost 30% of online searches for something in a specific location result in a purchase. And that’s not all… three out of four people who find useful information based on geo-targeted searches, then consider visiting that bricks and mortar store.

How to implement an effective geo-targeted PPC campaign

When it comes to creating a successful local PPC campaign, implement the following actionable tips to help reach your target audience.

Think carefully about location

It might sound obvious, but you’ll need to carefully consider the primary areas you want to target and avoid including locations where customers won’t be.

Include location-specific keywords in your ads

Make your ads as searchable as possible by including location-specific keywords in the ads. Mix the keywords up to create readable and seamless ads that aren’t too spammy, by using the likes of postcodes, area names, streets, key tourist attractions, etc.

Localise the ads

For a highly targeted campaign, use the language the locals speak to help reach out and resonate with your audience. Unless you’re a local yourself, this may require some research and prior integration with the local people.

If you need any help creating and maintaining an effective geo-targeted PPC campaign that reaches the people who matter the most to your business, get in touch with Intelligent VC, experts in digital marketing and running PPC campaigns that deliver results.

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