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The importance of the “user experience”

24th September 2020

Core Web Vitals. Now there’s a mouthful. Rather than letting you fall asleep with a stream of tech terminology and nitty-gritty that means little to anyone other than self-confessed tech geeks, we’ll just say that Core Web Vitals are centred on fixing poor user experiences on a website.

In layman terms, Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. Furthermore, Google announced that Core Web Vitals will be incorporated into its ranking signals in 2021.

Businesses failing to adapt to Google updates run the risk of being exposed to undesirable outcomes - namely a drop in rankings.

It is therefore in every business’s interest - including insurance brokers - to be up-to-date with and adapt to Google updates.

Hence why Intelligent VC are intent on helping your website remain compliant with what Google deem as essential, so you’re sufficiently prepared for the Core Web Vitals that are coming in 2021.

Mobile-friendly websites have never been so important

One essential in creating a great user experience is through mobile-friendliness. With people incessantly pawing their mobile phones, you’ve only got to go on a short train journey or call by a Starbucks to gauge the imperativeness of mobile phones in today’s world.

The stats, of course, back up this now ubiquitous observation. In the second quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated 51.53% of global website traffic.

For businesses to achieve the great user experience and responsiveness Google prioritises in its Core Web Vitals, and to comply with the somewhat perverse obsession with our phones, sites need to be mobile-friendly.

How to achieve a mobile-friendly website?

So, do all websites just ‘come’ mobile-friendly, or do you have to work at it? Alas, it’s the latter…

Responsive web design is mobile-friendly, but you have to work at creating a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

The three principle components of responsive web design are:

  • A fluid grid
  • Flexible text and images
  • Media queries

Before you switch off with tech terminology boredom, in simpler terms, these components are designed to support the user experience on mobile devices and create the best experiences on whatever screen a user views the website on.

Other ways to ensure your website is mobile-friendly is to:

  • Prioritise website speed
  • Keep the design simple
  • Make important information on the site easy to find
  • Avoid using Flash
  • Use large fonts
  • Ditch pop-ups and text-blocking ads
  • Make buttons sufficiently large to work on mobile devices

Still sounds complicated? Well the important thing is you’re aware of how Google updates are impacting websites and online presence, and you understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website in our phone-obsessed culture.

Now the easy part… instruct the web design experts at Intelligent VC to create a compelling, user-friendly, mobile-responsive site for you, in time for those inevitable Google updates that will cause unresponsive websites to perform direly in the ranking stakes.

For further details about Intelligent VC, please speak to your Blink IS Business Development Manager or click here.

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