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24th March 2021

Why your website has never been so important

Having an online presence has been an important part of business since the www. era began. Due to the incredible disruption the COVID-19 health crisis has left in its path, a strong online presence helmed by a robust website is not just important, but is now crucial for business success.

Put simply – being void of social distancing restrictions online and the need to ‘shut-up’ shop and wait for the pandemic to pass - businesses with a quality website accompanied by a strong online presence are likelier to have weathered the storm.

Websites have become business’ new store front, catalogue, business card and brochure all in one, enabling them to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and stay afloat.

We cannot overstate how much people are increasingly relying on the internet to carry out their lives. Out of the 7 billion+ people alive today, 4.66 billion of them are active internet users, with the average user spending 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day. Even before the pandemic forced so many people to stay at home, the internet was already by far the busiest hub of human activity.

These figures speak volumes - every kind of business can benefit from a dedicated website, even traditional businesses like insurance brokers.

What makes a great website?

Different businesses will have different goals and requirements when it comes to creating the ideal website. For an insurance broker, identifying which specific attributes will generate leads and conversions among their target demographic is the key to designing a successful website.

One element of website design is getting it to rank well in search engine results to generate leads. However, once you have potential customers on your website, they need to find what they are looking for quickly and be able to act on the information they find in order to improve your conversion numbers.

This means a potential customer must be able to locate the information they are seeking quickly and easily, and then be able to contact an agent about their interest with minimum fuss.

It is also vital that a website is mobile friendly, as there are 4.28 billion mobile internet users in the world, with 56% of all Google searches taking place on a mobile device.

Use a professional web design company to design that perfect website

Professional web designers have the knowledge, tools, and talent to design sites that will reach and resonate with your target audience. Using the latest web development techniques and trends, the website experts at Intelligent VC will ensure your business’ ‘window to the world’ stands head and shoulders above competitors.

If you need a stunning website to set your insurance broker business apart from the crowd, then get in touch.


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