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21st June 2021

Slack, Teams, Zoom… whether we love, hate or are indifferent to these so-called new ways to communicate with our colleagues and clients, we can’t seem to shake off the good old email entirely and ALWAYS default back to it.

Call me boring, old-fashioned, a stick in the mud, blah, blah, blah… but I’m not ashamed to admit, when it comes to business communication, emails are my soul mate.

And I’m not alone in my perpetual love of emails. The tech wizards at Silicon Valley might be coming up with impressively advanced ways to streamline and enhance remote communication, but email remains the letter of today, with business email usage having soared since the start of the pandemic.

When it comes to digital marketing, our ubiquitous inability to surrender emails, means email marketing maintains its spot as generating the highest ROI for marketers. Put simply, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

If that isn’t reason enough to rekindle a robust and frantic email marketing campaign, check out other reasons putting your brand in front of your audience via email is an asset no business can afford to miss out on.

Email trounces social for customer acquisition

Without meaning to belittle social media, which of course brings a whole host of brand-boosting benefits to businesses of all industries and sizes, email beats social hands down in terms of customer acquisition – 40 times over in fact!

Sending compelling, engaging and on-brand emails to your subscribers, is a powerful way to maximise acquisition efforts. Such efforts can be used to turn a range of ‘types’ of clients customers, from active ones to inactive, interested ones to uninterested ones, into long-term paying clients and customers.

The most direct line of communication

While other forms of marketing can be notoriously ‘hit or miss’ in terms of reaching and resonating with target audiences, email provides you with the most direct line of communication. From conversation to sales.

Email marketing is permission marketing

Another reason email marketing ‘has the edge’, is that it is a form of permission marketing. People have the option of whether to opt into your email list or not, meaning they are giving you permission to market to them.

Studies show, 77% of people prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications via email, making it a win-win for everyone.

If I’ve manged to convince you of the timeless and plentiful benefits of email marketing, here are eight quick tips to nail the success of your campaign:

  1. Build your subscriber list
  2. Personalise emails
  3. Use promotions, but don’t rely solely on them
  4. Use automation
  5. Send when you have something valuable to share
  6. Be relevant to your audience
  7. Encourage readers to reply
  8. Test, test and test some more!

Sounds time-consuming and complicated? Let the email marketing gurus at Intelligent VC manage an engaging, compelling and above all profitable email marketing campaign for you.



All marketing and advertising must be an accurate description of the product or service. It must be legal, decent, truthful, honest and socially responsible (not encouraging illegal, unsafe or anti-social behaviour). There are regulations which restrict what you can and cannot do. As well as the regulations, there are two advertising codes of practice which you need to follow to help you advertise legally. Before you embark upon any marketing, please ensure your communications are fully compliant.

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