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Using LinkedIn to drive business insurance sales

25th October 2018

Using LinkedIn to drive business insurance sales

LinkedIn is more than an online CV; if you work in any line of B2B activities, you need to be all over LinkedIn like a bad rash! LinkedIn provides insurance companies with practically a limitless number of lead opportunities, especially those with niche business insurance schemes.

But where do you start?

In this piece we will look at three basic elements of LinkedIn you can use without upgrading to a paid account. They are:

  • Groups
  • Publisher
  • LinkedIn Search

While there are a lot more things you can do with LinkedIn, we need to walk before we can run. Let’s take a quick look at each in turn …


Groups are basically small communities built around a topic or theme that use LinkedIn to host and manage the group functionality. If you have any kind of business insurance offering, you can use and find groups of relevant targeted people. While you may feel your insurance offer is suitable for all, the best way we have found to get any kind of traction on LinkedIn is to find niches or groups. You can target them with interaction (answering relevant posts) and posting relevant content, which you can share in their group once you become a member.

Free LinkedIn membership gives each individual access to 50 groups. Some of these groups can have 300,000 members – and all potentially relevant. Make sure you are maximising the number of relevant groups you belong to. If you have a number of staff, why not assign different niches to different staff?  In this way, you can divide and conquer – and widen the effectiveness of your LinkedIn activity.

You can also set up a number of your own groups and get people to sign-up to your groups! This does take a bit more effort, but could be a strategy for the longer term to add value to your markets.

You can also use Groups to contact and connect with members directly. So this can be a great way to target your ideal customer.


LinkedIn Publisher is LinkedIn’s self-publishing platform. This means that you can post content directly onto LinkedIn and tag it. This gets added to the site and will be available to view by everyone in your network – they can comment, share and like your content.

This is a great way to show your expertise in a given field.

Once written and published, you can then share the content in any relevant groups. You can also share it via LinkedIn messenger to relevant people. Don't go too crazy with this. 

LinkedIn Search

One thing that is overlooked by a lot of people is the LinkedIn Search facility. Although many of us use Google search to find information when looking for company information, finding companies or people within companies, LinkedIn is by far the best way to do this. In fact, even most Google searches for finding business contacts tend to show LinkedIn results.

So how can you use it? Here’s an idea. Why not create a wish list of the top 50 companies you would like to work with or connect with. Why not search for their company on LinkedIn to see if they have a company page – if they do have one, there will be a follow button – click it.  Now you will get all the updates the company puts out on LinkedIn.

Next, why not do an employee search on that company name? Now you will see details of all the employees who have a LinkedIn profile who work at that company. You can refine the list, so if you need to find someone in marketing or finance, or a director, you can.

Can you see how powerful this is? With a bit of time and effort you can construct a good list of relevant people to try and reach out to. Or use it to build connections, then share relevant content with them on LinkedIn.


I hear a lot of people struggling with B2B marketing and how to find the right people they need to.  LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to help you find what you need and what’s more, it only takes some time and effort to figure out how to use it to your advantage.

These are just three basic tips to use LinkedIn, there are a numerous ways to drive leads and sales direct from LinkedIn, but get these strategies and techniques under your belt first. They are a great place to start.

If you are interested in a LinkedIn strategy for your business, do get in touch with Jason

Jason Hulott

About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at SpeedieConsulting. SpeedieConsulting is a full-service digital marketing agency for insurance and finance companies. They help insurance and finance businesses that wish to use the internet to take control of their revenue and traffic generation online. They provide a range of services including compliant web content, lead generation and social media support. For further information about SpeedieConsulting, please visit:

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