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Why no company can afford to ignore social media

28th April 2020

Why no company can afford to ignore social media when we’re shackled to our screens

Gorging on a week’s worth of snacks in one day, spending all day in our pyjamas and failing miserably to stick to the daily workout routine - the dirty secrets of life in lockdown are surfacing, and none more so than the shocking amount of time we’re spending on social media.

In my own home, the amount of screen time has rocketed from what I’d consider “healthy” to “obsessive”. And I’m certainly not alone in my rising angst about the family being shackled to their screens, day in, day out. Around the world, quarantined families are glued to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok and WhatsApp to communicate with loved ones, be entertained and informed about the constantly evolving pandemic crisis.

India admits to a staggering 87% increase in social media usage amid lockdown, while Facebook says the total messaging across its platform’s services has increased by 50% in countries hit hard by coronavirus.

As our dependence to social media escalates with each passing day in lockdown, businesses of all sectors and sizes would be wise to take advantage of our soaring addiction to social channels.

Importance of social media marketing in lockdown

But with customers stuck in lockdown, there’s no point in marketing, right? I’d say that’s absolutely wrong!

As we struggle to come to terms with our loss of freedom, we can get comfort from the knowledge that lockdown is temporary and won’t last forever. With people spending more time than ever before on social media, now’s the time to get your brand, message and products and services in front of them.

Even if your industry has temporarily ground to a halt, promoting your brand in a memorable, engaging and unique way, at a time when people are spending such prolific times on social media, will help you secure business when the economy starts to move again.

Take the pub and restaurant trade as an example. Such establishments might be currently closed across the country, but can you imagine the influx of people that will flock through their doors when the government finally gives Britain’s much-loved pub scene the green light to reopen?

The savviest of pub owners, and businesses of all industries for that matter, are using this time in quarantine to get their message out on the inundated social channels.

Make your social media marketing shine during quarantine

To make the most of social media campaigns during lockdown, consider the following:

  • Be positive! Instead of moaning tirelessly about the current state of play and making knee-jerk reactions that pin the blame on others, stay positive. People want positivity during these dark times, so create a campaign rich in hope, optimism and even light-heartedness.
  • Be realistic! That said, you don’t want to spread any unrealistic messages and rumours. Keep your content real and well informed so that followers see your brand as a credible resource in a period of uncertainty.
  • Stand out from the crowd! You want to be the brand that’s remembered (for the right reasons) when life and business finally resumes some normality. Make your social media content stand out by posting the likes of fun videos about what you’re doing in lockdown (within reason), creating fun industry tips on how to stay afloat, and coming up with ways to interact with your followers and get them involved with your content.

Of course, if you haven’t got ample amounts of time on your hands even during lockdown, you might need the experts to take your social media marketing campaign by the horns. Intelligent VC’s remote working team of social media gurus can inject life into your social media efforts to ensure the right content gets in front of the right people at a time when we’re unhealthily fixated on our social feeds.

If you require assistance with your social media marketing, Intelligent VC can deliver an effective strategy to help your business get through this challenging and unprecedented time. Get in touch with our remote team of digital marketing specialists to discuss your communication requirements.

For further details about Intelligent VC please speak to your Blink IS Business Development Manager or click here.

All marketing and advertising must be an accurate description of the product or service. It must be legal, decent, truthful, honest and socially responsible (not encouraging illegal, unsafe or anti-social behaviour). There are regulations which restrict what you can and cannot do. As well as the regulations, there are two advertising codes of practice which you need to follow to help you advertise legally. Before you embark upon any marketing, please ensure your communications are fully compliant.

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