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Why SEO has never been so important

26th October 2020

Whoever said “SEO is dead” was either completely out of touch in the world of digital marketing, or was an overzealous journalist or content marketer trying to make a name for themselves by making bold, baseless and controversial statements.

SEO is not only alive and kicking but it has never been so important. It’s not difficult to deduce from how much more time we’re spending on our own devices – reading the news, researching products, purchasing items, and much more – that internet usage has increased exponentially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stats confirm the prolific rise in internet reliance as we spend more time in our homes. Data shows that Google search volumes from January to April 2020 increased sharply across almost all business categories compared to the same period in 2019.

What does this mean in real terms for businesses?

In a nutshell, with more and more people turning to the World-Wide Web to carry out tasks that were once conducted physically, businesses need to have a well-ranking website to be found in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

In short, businesses of almost all niches need to work on their SEO, including insurance brokers.

SEO “quick wins”

We’re not going to deny that SEO isn’t complex, because it is. Despite the complexity, there are a number of SEO “quick wins” you can carry out to help your business rank better.

Prioritise content

Quality, unique, and relevant content is rewarded by the search engines. Google loves it! If the content on your website isn’t anything but superb, now’s the time to work on it. Put some effort into thinking about what your customers or clients will be searching for. When they find your website, does the content sell your products or services in the best possible light? If it doesn’t, change it, improve it, ensure it stands out.

Start a blog

It’s never too late to start a blog. Rather than just cramming the blog with surplus keywords, provide readers with real value and information, so they are left crying out for the next instalment. Write with your audience in mind. Find unique angles and content that offers more than what your competitors are offering. The search engines will love you for it and so will your visitors.

Optimise with internal linking

When you’re working on the content of your website, implement what has to be one of the easiest yet underutilised SEO tactics out there – embedding internal links into the content. By adding links to relevant products, services or information on your website, not only encourages visitors to take action on the site and click on a product or service they might end up purchasing, but it helps Google understand the natural flow of your website. It creates a better user experience and for Google – not to mention your visitors - that means a lot!

Recruit a quality digital agency to take care of your SEO for you

If the above all sounds a bit Double-Dutch to you, or you’re thinking “when on earth  would I have the time to start a blog”, you might want to think about getting an experienced digital agency to work on your SEO for you.

“We might be a tad biased, but Intelligent VC could be the perfect solution for giving your website the SEO injection it needs to capitalise on the exponential increase in internet usage – a trend that looks set to stay for the long term.”

For further details about Intelligent VC, please speak to your Blink IS Business Development Manager or click here.

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