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24th June 2020

Facebook Live for business: why your business needs to be in front of a live Facebook audience

Have you thought about going face-to-face with customers and prospects with a live Facebook video? If you haven’t, I really think you should!

Why? Because video content really works. I could bore you with stats that show businesses that use online video increase their revenue 49% faster* year-over-year than companies that don’t. And that a staggering 78% of company execs** who use live video say it offers deeper levels of interaction with viewers.

But I’d rather share the first-hand experience I have about the effectiveness of Facebook Live videos. A property auction client of ours recently faced the bold world of live online videos and, by doing so, enjoyed some spectacular interaction and engagement. In an “Ask the Auctioneer” feature, our client went in front of the camera, inviting viewers to ask him questions related to property auctions.

The results were astounding.  The videos pulled in thousands of viewers, with prospective buyers lining up to ask the expert on-the-spot questions. The live video posts performed 95% better than other posts on the client’s Facebook page.

So, what exactly attracts people to Facebook Live videos and why are they becoming such a vital feature of digital marketing?

Getting to know a brand better

With live videos brands don’t have anything to hide behind. This is appealing for customers, clients and prospects, as it enables them to get to know the personalities behind a brand or company in a way that blogs and traditional social content can’t achieve; Facebook Live videos help followers understand brands in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Be informed in a fun and engaging way

I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with endless stats, but I had to throw these two in!*** 82% of consumers say they prefer live videos from a brand to social posts and 67% of audiences who watched a livestream admit to registering for a similar event. In other words, Facebook Live videos give brands the chance to inform audiences of events, company news, product launches, and much more, in a fun and engaging way. By adopting this approach, viewers are more compelled to engage with a brand and to purchase products or services after watching a Facebook Live video.

Makes viewers feel like they are more involved with you

By asking the ‘personalities’ behind a brand questions and having conversations with them, followers feel as if they’re more ‘in-tune’ and involved with a brand. Judging by the questions that were put forward to our property auction client, viewers certainly don’t ‘hold back’ in what they’re prepared to ask, and those in front of the camera should be ready for the unexpected!

But this all adds to the fun and ‘spontaneity’ of Facebook Live videos, which gives brands the opportunity to learn more about what their customers and prospects think about their business and expect from them. Furthermore, the type of questions asked at these live events stimulates all kinds of ideas for future content.

It’s not too late to start reaping the benefits of this hugely popular form of digital marketing. If you’re not sure how to get a Facebook Live video campaign up and running, don’t beat around the bush, get the experts at IVC to take care of it for you! Get in contact with our friendly, remote-working team today and don’t miss out on this win-win marketing solution.

For further details about Intelligent VC, please speak to your Blink IS Business Development Manager or click here.


* 16 Video Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know 


*** Live Video Stats: What Consumers Want

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