Broker Spotlight
Dave Hambridge

25th January 2019

This month we caught up with Dave Hambridge, Head of Sales and Distribution at DNA Insurance, a rapidly expanding broker based in Romford, Essex.

What core business lines does your brokerage cover?

The core business lines for the business are public and private hire, but only in the South West of England, SME and small commercial, household and property owners and minibus on a national basis, we are just set to launch our motorhome and horsebox products. 

What core business lines does your brokerage cover?

Motortrade, Taxi, Fleet and Commercial

How do you generate new business enquiries?

The business is now over 15 years old, so we have a hard core of existing customers. Also, we generate new business through recommendations and cross selling. We have a full-time Business Development Manager who visits many of the larger customers, which helps us understand their business better. For the individual risks we find lead providers and aggregators such as Bionic a useful source of business.

What do you foresee as the biggest challenges at your brokerage at the moment?

As a large motor trade broker, one of biggest problems is fraud and ghost broking. We are proactive in validating our new customers and turn away risks which fail those checks, but battling potential fraud is constantly evolving. Our challenge is to stay ahead of the fraudsters to protect both our insurers and our other clients.

How do you plan to grow in the coming year?

Investment in systems is helping to grow the business alongside a comprehensive staff development programme. We have made some key appointments already this year and hope to continue that work. Finding ambitious people to fit in with our existing team always takes time, but it's a good investment. 

What are your marketing plans this year?

Wide and various to cater for the various parts of the business. We attend trade shows, sponsor events and sports clubs, host golf days and invest in targeted advertising. 

Which Blink products or services have been most beneficial to your business?

We've really benefited from the motor trade and fleet products. Blink introduced us to insurers we wouldn't necessarily have spoken to or accessed previously.

If there’s one thing we’d like more of from Blink it’s...

A motor trade combined product!

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